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In this episode, Paul shares the mic with Michael O’Brien. Michael is the author of the bestselling book, Fearing Nothing, reaching the top spot in Amazon’s Self-Help and Stress Management categories. He currently generously spends his time in helping bring awareness to people struggling with high levels of stress.

Tune in as Michael takes us into his story through anxiety, fear, and panic attacks — how these things took a toll on his life, how it led him to write his book, what his Hoax Tool is about and how it helped him beat anxiety


  • Today’s episode is about anxiety, fear and panic attacks with Michael O’Brien
  • Michael experienced anxiety attacks at 19 that threw his world upside down
    • At 26, his anxiety attacks came back when he started a real estate business
    • The triggers for Michael’s anxiety came in 2 forms — what he knew then and what he knows now
    • His personality trait living a life in forward motion was one of the factors in having anxiety
  • There’s still a huge group of people who are sharing the wrong way of overcoming anxiety
  • Michael, going to work, had a thought that he needs to write a book
    • He started writing a book on real estate but it became boring
    • Michael went to his friend and suggested him to write a book about his story in anxiety, fear, and depression
  • Michael had a moment of disgust when he realized panic attacks will be a part of his life. He didn’t want it to, nobody would
  • When panic attacks hit Michael again at 26, he realized it’s making him handicapped
  • The 3 myths he had then was he felt he was going to die, he was the only person who had anxiety problems, and he’ll go crazy for having it
  • Michael met and became friends with Howard Liebgold a.k.a. Dr. Fear, who mentored tens of thousands of individuals to how to beat anxiety attacks, panic attacks, OCD, and shyness
  • Michael shares about meeting a guy who struggled with admitting he has mental health issues
  • To accept the concept of mental health breakdown is the first step in cure
  • Don’t fight anxiety
  • People have certain characteristics that make up who they are that will have a tendency to be more anxious than others
  • All of the symptoms and issues that come about are caused by the word, S.T.R.E.S.S.O.R.S.
  • Religion, unfortunately, causes judgement on yourself and other people
  • Additional pressure causes more stress
  • The first part in making a change is to stop questioning your approach
  • People who experience anxiety tend to be very intelligent
  • Desensitisation is the way to “show” your brain you can live through
  • Depression plays the same game in our brain as anxiety does
  • “When our bodies are always in motion, they do not know how to rest”
  • Practicing yoga was the thing that helped Michael get through a plane ride because it taught him to breath even in some discomfort
  • The foundation of the “cure” for Michael is the Hoax Tool
  • Even after being trained by the best people, Michael, 5 years ago, still felt anxiety that he could no longer take. He was extremely frustrated, and bursted out that he just wanted to die — that release gave him instant peace
  • The second time Michael tried to do ask God to take him, it didn’t work — he was trying to fool himself that he wants to die then
  • When you use the “Hoax Approach” for asking more fear, the brain signals that it can’t understand
  • Michael actually asks his brain for an anxiety attack because just by asking, it builds the confidence of his inner voice
  • People with anxiety disorders have Fear #2, that is your obligation to turn around to have a better life
  • People who have anxiety CAN talk themselves down
  • The Final Bits
    • What would be your number 1 tip to obtain Optimal Mind Health? – “It would include relaxation, it would include exercise, it would include proper sleep, it would include good tools to make yourself the best possible version of yourself”
    • If you could go back and talk to your 19-year old self, what fundamental bit of advice would you tell yourself? – “You have to take care of your mental health, that you have to relax some time, that you have to enjoy the moment, that you have to experience without always trying to push forward”
    • What useful or inspiring book or resource that you could recommend to our
      Audience? – The Power of Positive Thinking
    • Can you tell us one thing you’re grateful for today? – “I’m so grateful for so many things. I just got a wonderful life and I’m grateful for my wife.”
  • “Gratitude is so important”
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Episode Takeaways:

  • Mental health issues are hard to admit but acceptance is the first step in finding peace.
  • Your traits and personality plays a role in your mental health.
  • Gratitude is important.
  • Mindfulness and physical movement are key steps in reducing anxiety and stress

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