MBP 12. Sex and Business - How to Thrive in Both with Rebecca Lowrie

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In this episode, Paul shares the mic with Rebecca Lowrie. Rebecca has 25 years of formal training and experience that she uses to work with leaders in business on delivering heart-led leadership and leading with compassion.

Listen as Rebecca shares with us takeaways on how men can get connected more with themselves to improve sexual function, and hear tips on breathing and setting intention, and how we can connect with people around us on a much deeper level.

Podcast Show Notes:

  • Introduction to The Man Bits Podcast
  • Today’s topic are the taboo subjects men don’t often talk about — stress, depression, anxiety and more
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  • Rebecca has explored personal development and self-awareness for 25 years
    • 12 years ago since she started exploring Tantra
    • She’s been pivoting to business for the past 18 months
    • At university, she wanted to study Human Services and her father wanted her to take business
  • Tantra is not all about sex
    • It’s a path to live ecstatically in the world
    • The same skills a person needs to be a magnificent lover are the same skills needed to be a great leader
    • Techniques and methods will fail if a person is not present in the moment
    • To be a good leader, presence, vulnerability, and cultivation of good communication are needed
  • More often than not, physical problems are linked to emotional problems
    • The core of everyone is getting into the negativity of “I’m not good enough”
    • The manifestation of negativity greatly affects a person’s confidence
    • In Rebecca’s observation, when a man got a sex life the way he wants it, the rest of his life follows almost always
  • People are all “conditioned” in some way
  • Clearing the conditions that you are not is the fundamental basis of all transformation
  • Rebecca’s ways of clearing conditions include:
    • Intuitively tuning in to someone’s body
    • Breath and out breath
    • Whole tantric movement like meditations
    • Breath sound, movement, and intention are keys on clearing
  • Determine whether the beliefs in you are yours or instilled in yourself by your environment
    • As a person becomes aware of the beliefs he has, he can either choose them or let go of them
    • Everyone needs clearing at some point
    • Energy on the first conversation with a client is what triggers Rebecca’s intuition to know what the client needs
    • “Very often, the presenting issue is NOT the issue”
  • Paul shares about how easy it is to open up to Rebecca
  • The Middle Bits
    • What is your #1 tip in achieving kickass mind health? – “Don’t believe your thoughts”
    • What fundamental piece of advice would you tell your 15-year old self? – “Know your own power and maintain your sovereignty”
    • What useful or inspiring book or resource that you could recommend to our
      The Big Leap and The Art of Possibility
    • If there’s one word to set your intention for 2018, what is that word? – “Allow”
  • Paul reminds men to allow love into their lives
    • For Rebecca, the word “perform” speaks of being something you’re not or inauthenticity
    • Showing up fully and letting your partner see you is sensual
    • “When your mind and ego are out of the way, magic happens”
    • Guys, don’t let porn be the only source of your stimulation
  • Before connecting with someone else, connect with yourself first
    • Raising sexual energy in your body and releasing it
    • Deep breathing helps your body relax
  • Connect with Rebecca on Self-Alchemy.com or on her email
  • Love is inside you — you don’t have to look for it
  • Rebecca shares what she’s excited about in 2018
  • Paul put together a video on how you can breathe deeper and longer at com/Breathe
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Episode Takeaways:

  • Physical problems are usually the manifestation of another, deeper problem.
  • People need to clear themselves up from conditions and beliefs they don’t think are aligned with who they are.
  • Connecting with yourself is always the first step before you can connect to other people.

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