MBP 98. Breathe Me - Shane and Angelina Saunders

Shane and Angelina Saunders are Breathing Coaches, Practitioners, and Authors. They are the Hosts of The Breathing Edge Podcast, and Building High Quality Habits for Peak Performance.

Shane and Angelina’s mission is to teach others how to use the art and science of the breath to create a pathway to peak performance and recovery. To heal the mind- body system and to develop a mission ready mindset.

Shane spent 13 years in the Australian Defence Force military training at highest level, SAS, tactical assault and Special Forces. Angelina has been navigating massively intense real life experiences that many people go through which is grief, lost ones, disputes in family, anxiety inside, postnatal depression, starting from scratch, building a new life, building a new family and all of those massive changes that come with somebody’s big life decision of big adversity that we choose along the way. They credit their success and health to daily breathing techniques.

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  •  Paul introduces Shane and Angelina
  • How do they do what they love and love what they do
  • The greatest impact a mother can make
  • How breathing can make you feel better
  • The importance to know yourself and be at your best
  • How breathing can bring the ego and intuition together
  • The importance of navigating emotions
  • How breathing finds Angelina some relief to manage her emotion
  • The power of breathing in releasing tension
  • The techniques of shifting energy
  • The breathing methods
  • The scientific evidence why you take more information when you’re breathing in
  • The impact of not breathing well and how to improve in that area
  • How to unlock breathing mechanism
  • The importance of connecting with nature
  • The Paradoxical breathing
  • How incorporate effective breathing really helps detoxing your body
  • Shane and Angelina’s productivity tools

The Middle Bits:

What’s your #1 tip for a fulfilled life?

Learn how to manage your own energy. Know when to let go and know when to use it.

Is there a lesson that you’ve learned out of school that is not taught in school?

Everything in your life when you’re in normal consciousness start in your body. Be conscious.

Key Takeaways:

  • When you’re at your best, you naturally affect everyone around you- Shane
  • Manage your energy. When I manage myself, when I can let go of the storm and let go the energy, I become the eye of the storm. When there is like storm of emotion around me, let it go and use that energy to think outside the box- Angelina
  • If you truly want to grow not only from a physical point of view in your body and have a health body but you want to grow spiritually, emotionally and mentally, you can’t just focus in one area.-Shane
  • If you really focus on keeping yourself healthy and your body, there are a number of different things that really move a needle when it comes to your health- Shane
  • Give yourself a moment to yourself and explore what your breath feels like when you play with it. Just trust that any sensation that come up is absolutely normal. –Angelina

Mentioned Resources:

Website:  https://www.breatheme.com/about-us/   


Instagram: breathemepage

Facebook:  Breathe Me

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