MBP 109 - Money School - Cashflow during Crisis with Dillon Dhanecha

Dillon Dhanecha is an Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and the founder of Legacy Makers. He’s a technical analyst and economist by vocation. His success came about through his vital energy and put into everything he does.
He trains people globally and has been sharing his knowledge to aspiring wealth creators who want to be knowledgeable about the Financial habits and Economic environment situation to be able to increase their Cash-flow for personal income, have a social impact and humanitarian influence.
In this episode, we talk about Dillon’s perspectives about how to handle everything during economic crisis, what’s his philosophy and how he lives his life.
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  • Paul introduces Dillon
  • The Economic Catastrophy
  • The time to maintain positivity
  • The importance of being pragmatic and realistic when we face any situation
  • The element of uncertainty and fears
  • The element of excitement and opportunity
  • How to maintain a balance when life strikes
  • How Dillon and his wife focus on keeping their vital energy intact
  • His version of teamwork
  • The importance of conscious decision that came from years of planning
  • How to give unconditionally into a relationship
  • How Dillon came up with a model to increase cashflow that would help people through this current crisis
  • Understanding clarity about financial position right now
  • The awareness to be pragmatic of the economic environment
  • Understanding low points of Cash Market
  • Understanding what systems you need in place to track Cashflow
  • The  importance of financial habits and functional finance


Key Takeaways:

  • “ I think for all of us, the simple premise is, now is the time to maintain positivity. Now is the time to maintain a high vibrational state that we can deal with, that everything that’s coming towards us.

  • “ It’s also very important to be really pragmatic and very realistic about the situation that we face.”

  • “ Anybody can make money in a rising market, it’s about how you keep hold of that and maybe how you come out to the fooling market, having help others and thrive yourself.”

  • “ If you want to give in a big way, you really have to plan for that.”

  • “ It’s about understanding how to multiply this network that you’re building. Understand what your armour is right now and how you can build more.”

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